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The sink area is a vital part of the kitchen where much of the food preparation process takes place. Given its importance, homeowners are advised not to skimp on their choice of product. Pick something that will stand the test of time and prove to be a reliable companion. It should be made of a sturdy material that will not get damaged despite the constant exposure to water and heat. It should not get visible dents, cracks, and stains that would make it unsightly. It also have a design that is practical and efficient for everyday use.

Introducing the Geo Sink

Astracast offers the Geo Sink as a compelling kitchen solution. It looks elegant with clean lines and contours that gives it a modern appeal. Everything has also been cut with usability in mind to help homeowners with their chores. It is a beautiful and dependable workhorse that people will enjoy using. The design features a large main sink for most jobs and a smaller bowl that can work as backup if the main one is occupied. The side of the astracast geo sink may also be turned into a wide food prep area just by adding some of the optional accessories like the glass chopping board.

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The Material

Given the difficult nature of their job, kitchen sinks have to be made of tough materials. This one uses ROK Granite which is a special type that has concentrated quartz crystals throughout the surface. It makes the whole thing a lot more durable, strong, and tough. It should be able to take almost anything without visible damage. You can have it for many years yet it will still look brand new. Remember that quartz is one of the hardest minerals known to man so it makes sense to use it in applications where resilience is a must. ROK Granite has been tested in the labs to ensure that it performs above expectations. It is scratch, stain, impact, and heat resistant. It is easy to clean and has anti-bacterial properties.

Colour and Dimensions

The sink comes in three types of finishes to suit various interiors. There's Concrete for a cool grey colour, Volcano for an intense black that should fit with almost anything, and Sahara which mimics the colour of the sands if you want a warm tone. Make sure that it can fit your countertop by studying the dimensions. This is 1080 mm in length and 515 mm in width. The main sink is 380 mm by 348 mm, while the smaller bowl is 380 mm x 174 mm. It would be wise to have allowances around the edges.

Taps UK

The company sells all sorts of products for sinks, showers, bathrooms, kitchens, and other parts of the house. Their catalogue contains every from taps to tubs to showers. They even have radiators and lighting fixtures. Everything will fit right into a modern home. They have a best price guarantee so there is no need to shop anywhere else. They also provide free delivery for orders above £49 and send enough men to carry the loads to the intended room.